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This Is NOT It


An exclusive show pays an unforgettable tribute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson, bringing the full image of Michael Jackson's in his major tours and concerts to the stage, performed and directed by Mike Jack.


Expect to see Michael Jackson’s great classics hits, such as "Billie Jean", "Dangerous", “Man in the Mirror”, "Thriller", "Beat it", "Smooth Criminal", "Black or White" and much more...


The show has the closest elements of Michael Jackson's stage production with up to 8 Backup Dancers, up to 45 different MJ costumes, special effects, Extremely high quality of dance performance, Video Mapping fits with the choreography's  made especially for the show, each song will have its own stage design, inspired by Michael Jackson’s short films.

Michael Jackson “This is NOT it” Tribute Concert: 


  • Type: Michael Jackson Tribute Show/ Concert/ Dance Show.

  • From: Vienna-Austria.

  • Duration: 90 minutes.

  • Location: Theater/ Staged Venues/ Open Air. 

  • Crew: Mike Jack, 4 to 8 Background dancers,  1 Guitar Player,  1 Makeup Artist, 2 sound / lighting technicians. 2 Personal Assistants.

  • Music & Videos: Provided.

  • Countries: EU/Austria/ United Kingdom/ Netherlands /Germany/ Italy/ France/ Switzerland / Poland/ Sweden / Finland/ Hungary /Croatia/ Greece, and more...