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The Journey

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     "Anas Otry" AKA "Mike Jack" 


 Is the closest you will get in experiencing the King of Pop live on stage. Mike has the ultimate Dance Skills. The Energy. The Look. He can give you the Performance of the King of Pop from any era, be it from the 80s, 90s or 00s.


Beside all the features Mike Jack offers on stage, he is a full package Artist, Dancer, Performer, Actor, Singer, Look Alike, Dance Instructor and Stage Director. 


Mike has dedicated his life's mission to Michael Jackson, as a payback for all the great things that The King of Pop added to his life through Music & Dance.


When Mike was only 14 years old, he began his journey as a Michael Jackson Tribute Artist. It was in the late 90s that he formed a Boy Band, where they would perform, dance and sing all of the Pop hits at the time, such as from the Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, 5ive, etc.. And of course Michael Jackson's greatest hits!


After the band's many successful shows, concerts and competitions, Mike decided to go as a solo artist and take his Michael Jackson's Tribute Shows to the next level. Mike perfected his MJ dance Moves, the Look, the Performance, the Costumes, and is keeping his idols legacy alive by carrying a pure message of L.O.V.E  through his performances.


"Charity was Michael's second mission, after helping the children" says Mike. That's reason enough for Mike to always take part in various charity causes.


Mike won The Pepsi-Co. Contest,  to presents Michael Jackson's Fans of The Middle East, in Japan, Tokyo ( BAD25 Anniversary Celebration, 2012) 



Mike had the honor to meet & Interview THE JACKSONS back in 2013 at an exclusive TV interview in Abu Dhabi & got a recognition from The Jacksons  after he performed for them a short tribute.


Mike is a qualified professional Dance Instructor/ Choreographer in BALLROOM & LATIN Dance Styles.

Performances Criteria:

* Short Tribute Show 10 to 20 Minutes set stage performances.

*30 minutes tribute performance
* Up to: 60 Minutes full Show Nonstop 

* More than 45 Michael Jackson's Costumes 

* Solo / Background Dancers Performance

*Special effect during the performances

*Different video visuals during every song


*Opening Act/ Festival Appearance/ Meet & Greet/ Weddings/ Children"s Parties/ 80's/90's Dance Parties/ Corporate Events/ Charity Events/ Grand Openings/ Social Events/ Private Events.

' I realized there was a world out there "bigger than my Mom's bedroom and an audience better than her mirror". He was 13 and has been impersonating Michael Jackson ever since.